Thao Jones-Hill is a govtech executive with 22 years of experience leading cloud-based software companies and projects at the Federal, State, Regional, and Local levels. For 10 years, Thao was a member of the founding executive team for Granicus, growing it to become one of the leading local government cloud-based software companies today.

Thao Jones-Hill at SVP OpenGov Procurement

He led their highest-profile project implementations during his tenure there, including the U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, the Tennessee Legislature, and the City of Los Angeles. He has also led engineering teams, customer support teams, hosting infrastructure teams, and sales and marketing teams for several govtech companies, including Granicus, Govdelivery, and Public Systems Associates.

Thao has also worked as a reliability engineering consultant for Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Amazon, Pinterest, and CBS Interactive. He received his electrical engineering degree from Tennessee Technological University. And he is currently the product owner for OpenGov Procurement.

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