Shifting from Management to Engagement & Going to Market

Recently, at GovLia we shifted our focus from being a supplier diversity management tool to a supplier diversity engagement solution. We realized that a number of organizations are managing data, but the disconnect happens in the engagement stage. Our latest updates focus on a range of process streamlining tools and supplier engagement features designed to fill the information gap that often exists between governments and diverse business owners. It also allows us to integrate with existing government solutions to provide a simpler centralized supplier interface. Through this system, suppliers can create one profile, one time, to register, certify and engage with multiple governments, anchors, prime contractors, and other businesses for opportunities.

While participating in the CivStart program, where a number of innovative startups are working to simplify government. One of the more underrated aspects of being a part of these learning communities is the opportunity to build capacity through collaborative partnerships. At CivStart, there was one business that immediately caught my attention as a potential collaborator. ProcureNow is an intuitive government procurement solution that helps local governments and vendors make intelligent decisions, move faster, and simplify the procurement process.

After connecting with ProcureNow’s Chief Customer Officer, Thao Hill, we realized our work is even more complementary that we initially imagined. With our shared belief that government bids and contracts should be accessible to everyone at all levels for free, especially to small and diverse businesses, we immediately began thinking around ways we could support and amplify one another.  

ProcureNow focuses on making government procurement more Intuitive and GovLia focuses on making procurement more Inclusive. Procurement and Supplier Diversity are two heads of the same coin, they work hand in hand. Now… so do we!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with ProcureNow

As of today, public bids that have been created, approved, and released into ProcureNow’s platform – will also be sent to the live feeds and inboxes of GovLia’s nationwide network of small and disadvantaged suppliers. This will boost the outreach and competitiveness of ProcureNow’s governments’ RFPs and bids while aiding historically underutilized businesses across the country gain free access to more government solicitations and the ability to respond to them with ease.

ProcureNow Customers, government leaders will be able to see a boost in the number of MWSBE-classified businesses. 

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GovLia’s diverse suppliers and entrepreneurs will now have easier access to more government bids based on their capabilities.

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Beta test with 9 government organizations

The groundbreaking integration shows that GovTech solutions can actively work together to help agencies and communities achieve their desired outcomes. We will be launching this integration in 9 cities nationwide. Our beta testing customers include: 

  1. The City of Norfolk, VA
  2. Sacramento Area Council of Governments
  3. The City of Lynnwood, WA
  4. The City of Edgewater, FL
  5. The City of Sierra Vista, AZ
  6. The City of Banning, CA
  7. The Town of New Milford, CT
  8. The City of Monterey, CA
  9. Omnitrans, CA

Once the testing phase is complete, any ProcureNow government agency will have access to turn on this integration providing added outreach capabilities!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, business owners can sign up on GovLia today for free. To learn more about this partnership feel free to reach out to me or Thao. 

ShaKeia Kegler | Chief Executive Officer, GovLia

Thao Hill | Chief Customer Officer, ProcureNow

Supplier Diversity in Public Procurement Gets a Major Boost in March

As we say good-bye to Women’s History Month and Procurement Month, this does not mean that we should stop highlighting, supporting and advocating for women and minority owned businesses. We should also focus on maintaining open dialogue about procurement and ways it can be leveraged to drive economic impact for disadvantaged businesses in the middle of a pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us along this journey, including our business community for being patient with us and believing in our product from day one! We will continue advocating for you and look forward to making even more of an impact in 2021.