In this episode, we will be interviewing Ebony Smith, founder, and CEO of Ebenum Equation. Ebony is a leadership development expert with a passion for creating forward-thinking leaders. After 20 years of risk management experience in the Fortune 100 (Sunoco, BP, and World Fuel Services), her full-spectrum lens view of leadership has empowered her. To help individuals hone their goals and reach their full potential.

Ebony has worked in operational risk management as a health & safety advisor and financial risk management at the derivatives trading desk. Today, she centers her career around transformational risk management. She partners with clients to develop leadership resilience and design foresight strategies for deployment. 

Bringing an innovative, straightforward approach, she pushes individuals to leave their “Subject Matter Expert” mindset behind. And become relationship-oriented leaders. That drives their organizations into the future. With a keen talent to anticipate and respond, she helps her clients create actionable plans. That mitigate risks and open new avenues of opportunity.

Ebony has created an equation to uncover an individual’s unique leadership style and insight by balancing the power of the left and right brain. Leaders research to gain knowledge. But they rarely know how to implement that information practically. The proprietary model, Build Your Own Accelerator™, combines a set of core principles and strategies designed to help clients build engaging relationships while boosting productivity and profits.

About Ebenum Equation

Ebony has a B.S. in Chemistry from Jefferson and an M.S. in Environmental Protection and Safety Management from St. Joseph’s University of Philadelphia. After attaining a PPC (Professional Certified Coach) designation by the ICF (International Coach Federation), she founded the ICF-certified Ebenum Leadership Academy to transform leaders into coaches. And she is also a valued faculty member at Florida International University’s Center for Leadership.

Government Coins with Ebony Smith: What is an IDIQ and how do I go after them?

Government Coins is a podcast focusing on— increasing small and minority owned business participation in government contracting! Our goal is to dismantle barriers of entry by educating the small minority business community. And providing them with more insight on how to navigate the government contracting landscape. Unlike traditional outreach events and tradeshows, our podcast will allow us to connect with a wider range of small businesses both locally and nationally.

It is hosted by ShaKeia the founder of GovLia, Christlie the founder of Christlie G Consulting.