Sheena Parker’s Bio

Sheena Parker is the Founder & CEO of 4SYT Industries, a Facility Support Services government contracting company providing janitorial, flooring, pressure washing, painting, landscaping, real estate services and more; to the federal and local government, as well as corporate agencies.

Sheena Parker

Sheena founded 4SYT Industries after working as a Real Estate investor, Acquisitions Manager and Wholesaler for over 5 years. She found an avenue that would bridge the gap between real estate and facility maintenance to government, local and corporate entities by providing value in three ways –

  • Understanding clients’ wants and predicting their needs
  • Bringing craftsmanship and aesthetic pride back to the workplace
  • Providing Disney like customer service at ALL times

Who was Sheena before?

Sheena is a retired Signal Army Warrant Officer. As a Warrant Officer in the Information Technology Space with multiple certifications, she has excelled in both the public and private sectors as a strong female leader in the industry holding other civilian sector positions in software development, project management, technology infrastructure and network administration. Sheena’s passion however, has always remained in the real estate realm. 

After many years within the government contracting industry, Sheena has decided to share her knowledge as a Government Contracting Authority – teaching businesses how to become 3-tier contractors. She does consulting, has a YouTube Channel called: Sheenapreneur and has developed a Government Contracting Course called “GovCon For Winners”. She has been featured in multiple articles for her 15+ years of work as a business startup manager with her previous company. Sheena volunteers her time especially with Veteran Organizations, Women’s Organizations and Minority Organizations throughout the country. Sheena is a wife and a mother of two children; Nya – 17 and Terrell Jr – 14. Sheena holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management.

A lover of life and all things positive, Sheena is a plant enthusiast, loves to read, meditate, travel and spend lots of time with family.

To watch the video, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/1tqjphjg8HU

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